What To Do When You Get This Email

What To Do When You Get This Email

I’ve Been Watching You

A stranger sends you an email telling you that they have turned on your webcam and have been recording you while you were browsing the web. They claim you have been doing inappropriate things and they want money or else it will go public. What do you do?

First, let me explain what is going on. This an attempt to scare you into paying them money. This same email was most likely sent to hundreds of others with the same agenda. They are hoping you were doing inappropriate things and you don’t want anyone to know about it. They claim they are going to send the footage to all your email contacts threatening to ruin your reputation. You have a choice to pay or risk possible embarrassment. Here is what you do.

1. In the event you receive such an email, just ignore it.

If you feel like funding the bad guys I am not stopping you. More than likely they have not turned on your webcam and recorded anything. However, the bad guys do get smarter and smarter every day.

2. Change Your Passwords

It sounds horrible changing passwords and I understand your pain. Take a look at how to create a good password. Some of these emails get very detailed about you, so it is good practice to make sure that they don’t have a password of yours.

3. Inform your IT Team

Your IT team needs to know that you received one of these emails. It may seem a little embarrassing but, they will take the appropriate next steps to make sure you are secure and have not been compromised.

Cover Up Your Webcam

It is kind of creepy to think about someone watching you when you don’t know it or maybe possibly listening to a conversation.

I have to confess it creeps me out to the point I have a webcam cover on my laptop. Covering your webcam is a pretty inexpensive security measure to make sure no one is watching you. Here are some ways you can cover your webcam.

  • You can simply use a piece of black tape to cover your webcam if you don’t use it at all.
  • Another option, like what I have, is to use a webcam cover that slides to uncover the webcam. You simply slide it over to use the webcam and then slide it back to cover it again when it is not in use. You can buy one online and are easy to install.

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