Is your password easy to remember? Probably so.  Is your password hard to crack? Probably not. That is the problem with passwords. For most of us, it is easy to create a password that is memorable but they are too simple. Of course on the other side, if you make your passwords too complex, you won’t be able to remember them. Oh, the struggle.

So, can you make a password that is easy to remember and hard to crack? Yes, and here is how.

How To Make A Password That Is Easy To Remember And Hard To Crack


Start With A Phrase

Something simple to remember containing around 12 letters. Think about things you like or do to make it more memorable. Example: mybigbluedogred

Play With Spelling

Use homonyms such as "Two" instead of "To" or "Ant" instead of "Aunt". Example: mybigbludogred

Capitalize Random Letters

Use capitalization but make it memorable and simple. An idea would be using a capital letter on the second word of every password. Example: myBigbludogred

Introduce Special Characters And/Or Numbers

Use special characters and numbers but keep it memorable and simple. An idea would try using the same special character or number after the first word of every password. Example: my!Bigbludogred

Keep Each Password Unique

Never use the same password more than once.

Great! Now that you have created a password that is easy to remember and hard to crack I want you to know something. Your password can still be cracked. We have made it harder to crack but that doesn’t mean it is uncrackable.

I wish it were that easy but the truth is the hackers are getting better and better. Creating a password that is easy to remember and hard to crack is only the beginning of protecting your business.

That’s where we come in. Most businesses struggle with technology, especially as they grow. We help choose the right technology for your business, make sure it is running smoothly and is secure, and we provide support when you need it. That way you can focus on growing your business with the confidence that your business is protected and you have someone watching your back.

Start Protecting The Business You Have Worked So Hard For