Charging in public places? Watch out for “juice jacking”

Airports, hotels, cafés, even shopping malls, offer public charging points where you can boost your phone or laptop battery on the go. They’ve been in the news after the FBI recently tweeted advice to stop using them. Crooks have figured out how to hijack USB ports to install malware and monitoring software onto devices as they charge. The security risk …
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Is your business making these cyber security mistakes?

There are 3 big cyber security mistakes many businesses are making. Do you think yours is?

Most ransomware victims would pay up if attacked again

A new survey has shown that a massive 97% of business leaders who’ve experienced a ransomware attack in the past would pay up quickly if they were attacked again.

3 easy upgrades to improve your video call setup

If you want to invest in your video call setup, here are three easy upgrades for you.

Is this the end of passwords… forever?

Microsoft, Apple, and Google. The tech giants have joined forces to kill off the password for good by creating passkeys.

Three new Teams features to look forward to

The use of Microsoft Teams has just exploded in the last few years, and it now boasts 270 million people using it every month. Teams gives us the ability to stay connected wherever we’re working, and to collaborate on projects with no fuss.

Never use your browser’s password manager

As a business owner or manager, you should already know that weak or reused passwords are one of the biggest risks to data security.

Businesses are spending more on IT this year

As a business owner or manager, you know how important good IT is. Your business couldn’t function without it.

Is your team still working at 10 at night?

Working remote can be hard and you may find yourself or your team working late at night. This is what you can do to help your team not work so late.

You need this feature if your browser looks like this

We all have different ways of working. Some of us prefer to have a minimal number of things displayed on our screens. Others thrive when everything is open and in sight. But we can all agree that having 20 tabs open in your browser at any one time has a negative effect on productivity. Just…
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