How To Get Tech Support

The Fastest Way To Get Help Is To Submit A Ticket

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3 Ways To Submit A Ticket

CCS Agent

There is an CCS agent installed on each workstation. Simply submit your request for help from your computer.

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You can email us with your request or to report an issue. Our email address is [email protected].

Email Us


You can call our support desk to submit your request for help. Our number is 803-353-4632 opt 2.

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How Support Happens

What to expect when you submit a tech support request. 


Scheduling Your Appointment

Once your ticket is submitted, your service appointment will be scheduled with the next available tech by our Dispatcher.


Working With Our Techs

During your appointment time, the tech will either remote in, come to your office, or work with you in our office.


Completing Your Request For Support

When everything is working, the tech will close out your ticket. You will be sent a survey to give feedback on the experience. 

How To Start A Remote Session

During your appointment, a technician may ask you to go to a website so we can remote in with you.
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